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Before there was Astrid and a "Rainy Day Woman", there was the attempt at telling a "Witcher" type tale, much in the same vibe as Sapkowski's universe, filled with social commentary and intrigue, with the flair and storytelling that eventually became "RDW" trademark. Painted in lush traditional mixed media, with Marco Rudy's unique organic design and layout, making for an almost interactive way to experience the story told.


Before there was an "OLFA" - Of Lost Fantasy pitch - there was this pursuit of telling a story about a dreaming robot, called "01" - the progression of the story was going to be twofold - "Zero" in which the robot lives is day to day routine, as a caretaker for a human child, interacting with them and through said interaction it begins to gain the ability to fantasize and dream - And "One" in which we would delve into the robot's adventures in dreamland, as a daring hero.


What eventually  ended up happening was that, due to research and more time being dedicated to the dreamland, the focus of the story shifted completely and the dreaming robot concept was abandoned, for this more fantasy inspired take. Thus we arrived in A "Tale of lost Fantasy".

The Concept: The idea of our set of stories is to create a world a living, breathing world in which Fantasia is real and through which we use metaphor, humor, classic folklore (of many origins) and pop-culture to tell stories about past, current and future society, about escapism, about friendship true and false, about love, true and false and focusing that nothing is ever so black-and-white as it seems. No love is truly immaculate and no evil is without reason or sometimes evil, at all.

Our “eyes”, our “vehicle” to this world are two protagonists, one, Ayew, a failed would-be hero, representing an often neutral disillusioned and detached view of things and situations, preferring to not get involved, sometimes even petty. And the second, the Wolf-Dragon-Kelpie, Nyssa, a bitter creature of chaos, initially enemy to humanoids of all kinds, going as far as to morph as a humanoid, to lure people to traps and consume them. These two do not start as friends and their paths meet along the way.

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