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Les Editions Xicandarinha

A different way of telling stories

Marco Rudy

Is Mozambican-born Canadian creator, comic book illustrator, painter and off-beat Storyteller. Marco has been working in the comics industry, for the better part of 15 years now, with longer tenures at DC (Swamp Thing, Action comics, The Shield) and Marvel (Marvel Knights: Spiderman; Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier, Avengers, Uncanny X:Men), among others.


Mostly known for his use of traditional medium (watercolors and acrylics) and a very Non-traditional way of visual storytelling, in which the Layout, Design and Color palette of a page and sequence, tells the story in equal amount as that of the action in Each panel, in an almost dream-like surreal approach, Marco relishes in the chance to play around with the perceived way of telling stories and "spice it up" a bit.

Marco's been a storyteller. Growing up reading whatever book he could find and always re-imagining that very same story or creating similar stories, on paper, afterwards. He'd even go as far as retelling that very same story to his friends, or better yet, the one Friend, and family.

He'd create atmosphere and embellish everything possible, trying to make the most mundane things become fantastical.  And when power outages would happen in Maputo, where he's from, it was his time to shine, by the candlelight and share in his weird adventures with them. On of the particular effects is that he'd would invite my captive audience to participate in the story being told. Interactivity in storytelling.

Throughout his years in this industry, he has developed a particular way of visual storytelling, in which a page, is much more than a sequence of panel, in which the action happens. The page layout, the color palette In the layout is conversing directly with the action In the panels and Inviting the reader to somehow participate in it. That interactivity in storytelling mentioned above.

"Les Editions Xicandarinha" is an attempt at having his little corner in the comics industry, a chance for me to pursue telling more stories my way, free from corporate mandates and other properties restraints, in which he is beholden to his creativity and the audience that is curious about what stories he can tell.

"Stick around. I promise that it'll at least be interesting."



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